As you know, when you purchase a Porsche, it is more than just a car. It is something you will make memories in and cherish for the rest of your life. Whether it be a 50 year old Spyder or a 2 year old 911, the Porsche name sticks with you and will always hold a special place in your heart. You have taken great pride in owning your Porsche and we at Porsche West Broward want to reward you for doing so. 

Porsche doesn’t label just any model as Porsche Approved, it is a grade given to pre-owned Porsche vehicles which meet the quality standards of the brand. If you are trying to decide between a new and a pre-owned vehicle, the Porsche Approved vehicles are the perfect way to go. Current model year vehicles and those of eight previous model years with less than 100,000 miles are eligible for enrollment.

But what exactly does Porsche Approved mean? Below is a list of requirements that a pre-owned Porsche must meet to be coined a Porsche Approved vehicle.

 – CPO Limited Warranty is a total of 2 years or up to 50,000 miles from the mileage on the odometer at the time of retail used delivery not to exceed a total of 100,000 miles.

 – Meets all Porsche preperation standards (passing 111-point checklist for inspection).

 – All maintenance work has been performed by a Porsche trained technician.

 – Only genuine Porsche parts have been used.

Porsche Approved Certified Limited Warranty

Rest easy knowing that your Porsche Approved Warranty will be at the same level as a new car warranty would be. This warranty covers your pre-owned vehicle mile after mile, year after year. 


Just because a car is pre-owned does not mean that the quality must suffer. In fact, a Porsche Approved vehicle is sure to be in top condition and will suit all of your wants and desires.


Porsche Assistance provides roadside assistance 24 hours a day in the U.S. and Canada. This way you will feel safe if something were to go wrong while on your commute. Porsche cares deeply about our customers and we want all to know they are safe if something may happen. 

Porsche Financial Services

Porsche offers great deals on all vehicles in stock, both new and pre-owned. We encourage you to come down today to have a look at some of the great models we have in our dealership. If you choose to buy a Porsche Approved vehicle, you will leave our lot knowing you got a great deal on an even better new ride.