Electric car owners face what Motor Authority calls “range anxiety” when they travel long distances. With Porsche’s fast-charging Taycan ready to hit the American market in 2019, that anxiety is about to end for the car’s lucky owners.

Forbes’ Liane Yvkoff reports that the new Taycan can deliver drivers 62 extra miles with only four minutes charging time. Using Porsche’s new 800-volt charger, the car should set potential Taycan owners at ease with its extended range capacity.

Taycan’s Extended Range Capacity Promises Faster Long-Distance Trips

A 20-minute charge should deliver a range of about 250 miles for the Taycan, says Yvkoff, citing a Bloomberg interview with Porsche CEO Oliver Blume.

Even better, when it uses the 800-volt charger, the Taycan should be able to shave hours off long-distance trips, according to data Porsche released in 2016. In 2016, Porsche estimated that an 800-volt charger would shorten a 440-mile trip from eight to six hours, inching close to that achieved by a combustion engine-powered vehicle’s 5.5 hours.

Drivers under a time crunch can power the Taycan up for a full 62 miles with only four minutes at the charger, hardly time enough to stretch one’s legs. Nearly as fast as a gas fill-up and a lot better for the environment.

Furthermore, the future looks even brighter for the next generation of 800-volt chargers. Blume predicts that in about a decade from now, these chargers will be able to deliver a 1,000-kilometer range (about 620 miles) with a single charge. Such developments look to make the new Taycan an intelligent investment that should hold its value for the years to come.

Porsche Planning a 500-Location Network of Charging Stations for the Taycan

As Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle (EV), the Taycan can expect a wide network of support from Porsche dealerships across the U.S. and Canada, says Electrek, a website for EV enthusiasts. As of the date of Yvkoff’s article (November 28, 2018), only one 800-volt charging station exists in the U.S., at the carmaker’s North American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, Elektrek reports, Porsche plans to build a 500-strong network of fast-charging stations across North America. About 200 of them will be located at Porsche dealerships nationwide.

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