Spring is nature’s period of renewal. It may as well be your car’s too! For many car owners, this will be the time they take their cars back onto the road full bore. With weather forecasts no longer a reason to plug your ears, here are five tips fit for spring.

Wiper Blades

With heavy snow in the winter and rainy weather in April, your wiper blades could have experienced a lot of stress these past few months. That means you’ll need your blades to make it the rest of the season more than ever. April tends to be a rainy month too. That means you’ll depend on your blades in spring more than any other time. Give them an inspection to see how they’re holding up and replace them if necessary.

Tire Pressure and Performance

Your very own personal Deflategate takes place every winter. Fluctuations in air temperature and pressure cause your tires to undergo changes that leave them in less than ideal shape once the snow melts. With months of great driving weather ahead, it’s time to have those tires checked.

Oil Pressure and Fluid Levels

Winter doesn’t take a toll on your car’s fluids like it used to. However, we tend to service our cars less during the snowy months, and because you’re already under the hood in preparation for spring, you may as well top everything off.

On-the-Go Bag

A first-aid kit or overnight bag is an essential part of any prepared driver’s safety checklist. If you’re stuck somewhere and have to rely on your car, you’ll be in good shape with an up-to-date bag of items you can rely on when conventional shelter is unavailable.

A May Shower

Rain, sleet, hail, snow, we mention them when we’re determined to let nothing stop us from getting where we want to go, but they take a real toll on your car. The elements are harsh, and so is the salt from plows. A car wash isn’t just a trip to the makeup table. This time of year, it’s life support.

So visit Porsche West Broward at our state of the art Service Facility complete with 21 service bays, a quick alignment machine,  on-site paint & wheel repair, and an amazing detail facility to get your car ready for the great weather ahead.